Our Purpose

The Flint Wealth story

Flint Wealth was founded to help everyday people become more informed investors. We connect people with investment options and tools that support them to build their wealth. Our vision is for people to build their knowledge, wealth and a brighter financial future.

Investment insights

DIY investing has become more popular in recent years. That's why the Flint team are here: to make online investing user-friendly, and accessible, so you can feel confident selecting funds online. Smart investing requires investment smarts - which is why Flint focuses on providing research, insights and regular performance reporting.

Flint investors

Investors on Flint tend to be life-long learners. They play the long game with big picture plans. They're generally not here to dabble or ‘get rich quick’ and understand that spending time researching, and doing due diligence in the early days, can pay dividends in the long run. They like to set goals and work towards them by building good investment habits over time. Our investors tell us they want to feel more in control of their investments, and enjoy seeing their funds portfolio at a glance.

Flint Wealth founders

We are fortunate to have founders with many years of experience in financial services including Research IP, Trustees Executors and Harbour Asset Management. This means that while Flint may be in 'start up' mode we have the backing of some of Australasia's most established financial brands.

Flint partners

Backed by market leaders

Provide a full range of financial and trust solutions.

Trustees Executors


Global research, consulting and technology solutions.

Research IP


A highly rated investment manager, founded in 2009.