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Flint Back End System Update

Written: 25 November 2022

Author: Alex Hayden

2 min read

Our system updates were successful and we are back up and running.

This update was largely focused on building a robust foundation for the new enhancements we have planned, but it did come with some quality of life improvements straight out of the box.

Cashflow represents your investments better

  • Cashflow now only includes money you have added or withdrawn from your account yourself. Tax payments, tax refunds, and distributions will still go into your wallet but are not counted as cashflow.
  • Because of this your Gain/Loss (Since Inception) and Simple Return will also change as they are calculated based on the new cashflow.

 Performance chart is more predictable

  • All activity from the current day is aggregated and charted at the end of the day, the performance chart shows this aggregated data and will reflect today’s transactions tomorrow.

Transaction history now shows attribution

  • Distributions now show attribution. Instead of just “Distribution Received” you will now see which fund the distribution has come from.
  • Tax refunds and payments also now show attribution. When tax transactions happen, you will see a pair of tax events with a buy / sell and a refund / payment, these will all show what fund they relate to.
  • You will see these changes in historic transactions as well as future ones.

Wallet top ups show the name of the account rather just your name

  • Before you would just see your name, now when you do a top up you will see the name of the specific account you have used to top up from.

Withdrawals settle immediately

  • When you create a withdrawal from your wallet, instead of seeing it as pending for a time, the transaction will settle immediately.
  • The cash leaves our system immediately but will still take time to get to your bank. Typically this will be the next business day (depends on the bank)

Happy investing!